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Fees  ~

Drop in ~ $17 (student $12) 

5   Class Pack ~ $70 (student $55) expires 2 months after purchase

10 Class Pack ~ $130 (student $110) expires 4 months after purchase

20 Class Pack ~ $230(student $200) expires 6 months after purchase

Monthly Unlimited ~ $110 (student $90)

3 Months Unlimited~ $300

Hot Vinyasa

Power Yoga is a challenging, fast paced style that focuses on breath and accessing inner strength as we flow through a sequence of poses. The studio will be kept at a temperature of 85/90 degrees to take advantage of the amazing healing and dextoxifying power of heat.  


Bed Head Yoga

Roll out of bed and come flow with your breath - as you are! Suitable for all-levels (modifications will always be offered), this heated 60-min flow will wake you up, shake off any stiffness, and get you balanced and ready for your day!  We’ll integrate the quiet introspection of early morning with a fast-paced, empowering flow to better embrace clarity, acceptance, and possibility on, and off, your mat. Set the tone for your day!  This class will end promptly at 7.

Prana Flow 

An energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga created by Shiva Rea.  Students of all levels welcome.  There are advanced options for experienced practitioners, as well as modifications for beginners. 85/90 degrees


Gentle Flow (not heated)

Are you looking for a Vinyasa Flow class to combat stress, learn to breath more deeply and bring more fluidity and ease into your body?  Gentle Flow is a simple unheated practice where we breathe together and explore how to let go of long term stress in the body.  We will keep the room 75-78 degrees. *On Mondays 10 mins of meditation are offered after class ends in rest.  You have the option to roll up your mat and go ~ or stay for quiet meditation.  This is optimal time to meditate after breathing, moving and resting on your mat.  


Yin Yoga (not heated)

 Yin Yoga is the perfect balance to the yang of our fast paced lives. It is a slow paced practice designed to open up the body. The breath will move us in and out of the postures, designed to target the deeper connective tissues, the ligaments, joints, fascia, and bones. We will take time to slow down, soften, and let go. Ultimately, bringing balance to the body.

Restorative Yoga (not heated)

This class is designed to enable the body to actively relax and enter into it’s amazing, built-in healing capacity.  The hour includes a combination of conscious breathing, gentle, supported asanas (yoga positions), restorative flow exercises, and guided relaxation.  If you need to take time to relax and heal, this class is for you.  Restorative yoga can relieve the effects of chronic stress, reverse or manage a compromised immune system, and promote a healthier lifestyle.  Bring a bolster (or two pillows) and a bottle of water.  75-78 degrees. We currently do not have a regularly scheduled Restorative class at this time.  Look for frequent Restorative Workshops on our schedule!


Slow Evening Flow(not heated)

Slow Flow vinyasa incorporates movement and stretching to release tension and melt the stress of the day.  This class is designed to improve circulation and increase flexibility while providing a safe space to explore alignment, restore the body and mind, and connect with serenity.  This grounding practice will set the tone for a restful evening. 

Ladder Flow

Ladder Flow is an intermediate sequence building class   This strong flow of repetition allows your posture to deepen and you focus to go inward. Pairing a rhythmic posture flow with you breath allows this sweaty practice to become a moving meditation!

Chair Yoga (not heated)

(Limit 10 students)  Chair Yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support.  It is perfect for anyone who has difficulty descending to and ascending from the floor or whose balance is compromised.  Students will cultivate balance ~ mentally, physically and spiritually during the practice that they can embody in their daily lives off the mat.  

Slow Flow to Yin (not heated)

This class is a balanced practice of movement and stillness.  We will begin with a slow flow to get the energy moving and the body flowing before settling into our Yin poses to bring a focus on relaxing into the deeper layers of our connective tissue and joints.  Ideal for anyone looking to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. 

Prenatal Yoga  (not heated)

Shine Yoga welcomes pregnant mamas to strengthen, stretch and breathe among a community of fellow women.  This class offers poses to relieve minor aches and pains, destressing breathing techniques and labour specific poses and mantras  All levels welcome!



SHINE offers an environment where you can transform and empower yourself physically and mentally ~ allowing you to truly SHINE, on and off your mat. ***** Make sure you bring WATER and a towel or two with your mat.  It’s a good idea to come a little early to get set up.

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